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Who We Are

The following information is provided to assist you in your underst anding of what a developmental disability is and to learn more about Westside Regional Center and our mission. Westside Regional Center offers assessment, case management and support to persons with developmental disabilities.

The regional center system that serves people with developmental disabilities in California has grown from the first two centers in 1966 to a network of 21 agencies covering every area of the state. Each center is a private, nonprofit corporation, funded by a contract with the State Department of Developmental Services.

Each has a Board of Directors that includes clients*, parents, professionals, and other concerned community members. This site will introduce you to Westside Regional Center (WRC) and the services we offer, as well as provide general information that we hope you will find useful. But please feel free to ask us if you have questions not addressed here.

Everyone on the Westside Regional Center staff is dedicated to providing support and assistance to all our clients, and to developing a working partnership with families. Everything we do points to one mission: to help persons with developmental disabilities achieve the greatest possible enrichment and fulfillment in their lives.

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