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Intake Process Birth to 3

Intake Process – Birth to Three Years of Age

Intake is the procedure by which data is gathered to determine eligibility for regional center services. This data includes social, medical, and developmental information. Information may come from outside sources or from in-house interviews, examinations and testing. The intake process for children birth to three years of age consists of five steps, which may take up to 45 days.

  1. Referral

Referrals for intake can be made by parents, legal guardians or conservators. Professionals and concerned persons may make a referral, however, permission of the individual, parent or legal guardian is necessary. Legally ordered evaluations may come from the courts or Department of Children and Family Services.

  1. Social History

Once the referral is accepted, the applicant will meet with a Westside Regional Center’s Intake Counselor to begin gathering background information. This information will include health and developmental history as well as information provided by family members. At this time, the intake process will be explained, including services that may be available if the applicant is found eligible.

  1. Developmental Assessment

Developmental assessment may be completed by Westside Regional Center to determine if the applicant has an eligible diagnosis.

  1. Medical Assessment/Records

Recent medical information concerning each applicant is needed. Medical records and physician’s assessments will be requested. These records will be reviewed and possibly used in place of a WRC assessment. The applicant may be evaluated by a Westside Regional Center’s consulting physician.

  1. Eligibility Determination

A multidisciplinary team meets to review all gathered information. This team determines if the applicant meets the criteria for eligibility. If the applicant is found eligible, a meeting is held with all concerned parties to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). If the applicant is not eligible, appropriate community referrals and recommendations are made and our appeal procedures explained.

Application Process for Children Birth to Three Years of Age

An application must be completed in order to assist Westside Regional Center to determine eligibility for the California Early Start Program. Below you can find all the necessary forms required for Westside Regional Center to initiate the evaluation process. To begin the process, print and complete the application as completely as possible. The collection of the information on this application is required by the State of California, Department of Developmental Services. Next, print and sign the consent forms. The process cannot begin prior to receipt of your written consents. Once the application and consent forms are completed and signed, you may:

  1. Fax the documents to (310) 258 4059
  2. Scan and email the documents to
  3. Mail the documents to Westside Regional Center, Intake Under 3, 5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 320, Culver City, CA 90230
  4. or drop the documents off with the receptionist at Westside Regional Center.

Appeal Process

You have the right to appeal any eligibility decision. Once you have gone through the intake process and would like to appeal any eligibility determination, you will receive a notice of proposed action.