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Self Advocacy

The mission of WRC’s self-advocacy movement is to empower all people to make life choices and to be part of their home communities. Self-advocacy groups strive to empower individuals to become active an influential members of their communities, as well as agents of change concerning their rights and wishes. At self-advocacy meetings, personal rights are discussed and individuals have an opportunity to share their experiences and concerns. Group members learn from each other and gain confidence to st and up for themselves.

There are currently ten active self-advocacy groups in the WRC area. These groups meet at various community locations including restaurants, malls and community rooms. Meetings offer a great opportunity for members to make new friends and maintain lasting friendships. The frequency and duration of meetings varies depending on the group’s wishes. Attendance at self-advocacy meetings is encouraged for all WRC consumers.

Self-Advocacy meeting times and locations.

Legislative Issues:

Contact The Budget & Fiscal Review Sub-Committee – Here is a list of the Senators involved with Sub-Committee Number 3 of the Budget & Fiscal Review Committee regarding Health, Human Services, Labor, and Veteran Affairs.This is the sub-committee that effects what happens to your services.

In-Home Supportive Service (IHSS) – Learn About IHSS and any status changes. Click here.

– This is the link to Protection and Advocacy, Inc.’s main page, where you can learn more about other Budget cuts and other relevant information pertaining to you the consumer.

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