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Empowertech was founded in 1986 by a group of parents, professionals andconsumers interested in empowering children andadults with disabilities to be productive andindependent through the use of technology.

The goal of Empowertech is to increase awareness, underst and”;var t4=””ing andimplementation of assistive technology by children andadults with disabilities.

Empowertech is a member-center of the Alliance for Technology Access, an international network of over forty ATA centers.  Empowertech is funded largely through grants from local private, public andcorporate foundations.  Additional support comes from the kind andgenerous donations of their members, friends andsupporters.

Empowertech services are available for people with disabilities andof all ages.  Empowertech welcomes you to participation andencourages you to:

  • Call andmake an appointment for a collaborative consultation with one of their computer specialists or for technical assistance
  • Attend one of their workshops, presentations and”;var t4=””/or seminars
  • Share your expertise regarding hardware, software, adaptive devices and”;var t4=””/or funding sources by becoming a CAC volunteer
  • Help develop ongoing community support
  • Make a charitable donation

Empowertech serves people based upon need, not income. They do not charge a fee for basic services andinclude the following:

  • Programs suitable for agencies/groups, preschool children, school age children, teachers, parents (or caregivers), adults, andolder adults
  • Assistive Technology Explorations andAssessments
  • Training on AT devices andsoftware
  • Blind andLow Vision Presentations andWorkshops

6234 West 87th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Voice: (310) 338-1597
TDD & FAX: (310) 338-9318