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The following links to resources are for Individuals:

Arrest & Victim of a Crime Protocols – To keep families informed we have posted these important protocols should your loved one be arrested or be a victim of a crime. Links and Telephone numbers to local law enforcement agencies can be found here as well.

Assistance for Individuals – List of agencies/resources for adult individuals living independently and needing assistance.

B andaging the Budget Booklet – This booklet was published in 2010 thanks to a grant from the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). The last update was in 2010, so beware that some of the resources may no longer be available. For more information about SCDD, please visit:

Best Buddies International headquarters of the program that link volunteers with people with intellectual disabilities.

Continuing Education-List of adult continuing education opportunities in our catchment area.

Missing Person Protocol – Westside Regional Center has implemented for your knowledge this important and useful protocol should your loved one become missing. Telephone numbers to L.A. area regional center faxes are found here along with numbers and links to local law enforcement agencies.

Regional Center Complaints – The Department of Developmental Services believes the California developmental services community is best served by the open exchange of information and opinions. DDS is also committed to providing mechanisms for the resolution of problems and complaints when they arise. A number of formal processes have been established for h andling appeals and complaints.

Transportation Info