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Westside Regional Center Missing Person Protocol

In the event a consumer is reported missing make sure the following steps are completed by the family, person responsible for consumer, care provider or Service Coordinator. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement agencies in California do not require a person to wait a specific period of time before reporting a missing person.

How to Report a Missing Person

You may initiate a Missing Persons Report by contacting your local police department that serves the city in which the person lives. Inform the police that the person has a developmentally disability andmay be at risk.

If available, a photograph of the missing person should accompany the report. (It is a good practice for family to keep a recent photo andm and”;var t4=””atory for all licensed facilities to maintain a current photograph of each resident)

Missing Persons

In Los Angeles, the detective division of your local community police station investigates missing juveniles. In Los Angeles, local police may re-direct you to the Missing Persons Unit of the LAPD Detective Headquarters Division investigates all adults. 150 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Missing Persons Unit at 213-485-5381. If in doubt call your local police department. LAPD Pacific Division – (310) 202-4502

Questions: If you have any questions concerning a missing person, please contact your local community police facility, or call the Missing Persons Unit at 213-485-5381.

Emergency: 911

Sheriff – map to local substations

Lennox Sheriff – (323) 820-6700

Lawndale Sheriff – (310) 219-2750

Malibu Sheriff – (818)878-1808

Culver City PD – Non-Emergency Number: (310) 837-1221 Detective Bureau Adult Investigations – (310) 253-6306 or (310) 253-6300

Santa Monica PD Dispatch (24 Hours) – (310) 458-8491

Gardena PD – (310) 217-9600

EL Segundo -(310) 524-2200

LA Airport PD – (310) 646-4268

Hawthorne PD- (310) 970-7975

Marina Del Rey Sheriff- (310) 482-6000

Please note: According to California Department of Justice guidelines, the investigating agency is normally the agency in which the missing person lives. If the missing person does not reside within the City of Los Angeles, a courtesy Missing Persons Report will be completed andthen distributed to the concerned law enforcement agencies where the missing person lives andwas last seen.

Adult Missing Persons :

Web site for California Missing Persons:

It is also advisable to email a description of the client/consumer with a current photo to your regional center. Your regional center will distribute the missing person alert andinformation to the local regional centers.

Regional Center: Fax Numbers:

East LA
South Central
North LA
San Gabriel
Orange County
(213) 383-6526
(626) 281-1163
(213) 744-8494
(310) 540-9533
(818) 756-6140
(909) 622-5123
(714) 547-4365
(805) 884-4696